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Patrice Guay

Academical background

Patrice Guay - autumn 2011I obtained a degree in physics engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal in May 2001. I immediately started my master’s degree at INRS Energy and Materials. My research subject was the numerical simulation of hydrogen adsorption in carbon nanostructures. I finished my research on this subject in March 2003. After completing my studies, I chose to reorient my career toward IT systems engineering. Computing has been a passion for me since the age of 13. My interest for this field grew when I discovered the Linux operating system ten years ago. Rather than being forced to spend money for testing new network configurations and server software, I was free to do it with Linux, a minimal hardware setup and a lot of hours reading available documentation. I definitely appreciate the community spirit of the OpenSource movement. Sharing experience and knowledge has lead to great innovations for the whole IT industry.
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Rémi Longtin

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Remi Longtin Ph.D., is a scientist and consultant with international experience in R&D and project management. His technical expertise is on the synthesis, characterization, processing and technological application of nanomaterials. As the managing director of AspectNano services at DLA inc., Dr. Longtin  applies his knowledge of nanomaterials to help organizations understand and manage the health, safety and environmental risks posed by  nanomaterials (NanoEHS).  Worker safety and environmental protection impact directly the bottom line. Integrating the nano EHS aspects of nanomaterials in existing management systems reduces cost and maintain a positive corporate image.

Publications & Patents

  • R. Longtin, H.-R. Elsener, J.R. Sanchez-Valencia. C. Leinenbach, Joining method of CNT assemblies on substrates, Swiss Patent Application #01665/13, 30.09.2013.
  • G. Ilari, N. Kränzlin, R. Longtin, S. Schneider, M. Rossell, M. Niederberger, R. Erni, Cu and Ni functionalization of forests of vertically aligned MWCNT  by chemical reduction of Cu(acac)2 / Ni(acac)2 in benzyl alcohol, Submitted, Carbon 2013.
  • Ch. Kottler, R. Longtin, S. Giudice, R. Jose-James, P. Niedermann, A. Neels, R. Kaufmann, J. R. Sanchez-Valencia, H.-R. Elsener, O. Gröning, C. Leinenbach, P. Gröning, A. Dommann, X-ray source downscaling enabled by combining microfabricated electrodes with carbon nanotube cold electron emitters, Submitted, Journal of Microelectronic Engineering, 2013.
  • Longtin, R.; Elsener, H.-R.; Sanchez-Valencia, J. R.; Cloetta, D.; Nilsson, L.-O.; Leinenbach, C.; Groning, O.; Groning, P. High-temperature processable carbon–silicate nanocomposite cold electron cathodes for miniature X-ray sources. J. Mater. Chem. C, 2013, 1, 1368–1374.
  • Longtin, R., Hack, E., Neuenschwander, J. and Janczak-Rusch, J. (2011), Benign Joining of Ultrafine Grained Aerospace Aluminum Alloys Using Nanotechnology. Advanced Materials, 23: 5812–5816.
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Christian Fauteux

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Christian FauteuxI am a research scientist specializing in materials science and nanotechnology with a background in applied physics and chemistry. My main expertise lies in laser processing, gas and liquid-phase synthesis of nanostructured materials, zinc oxide and carbon-based materials. I also have extensive experience in materials characterization and project management.


Ph. D. in Mechanical engineering – January 2004 to March 2008 École Polytechnique de Montréal, supervised by Daniel Therriault and Joseph Pegna
Topics involved: laser processing, sol-gel processes, gas-phase deposition processes, optics, solution chemistry, materials characterization, zinc oxide, carbon nanofibers

M. Sc. A. in Mechanical Engineering – May 2002 to December 2003 École Polytechnique de Montréal and Uppsala University (Department of Materials Chemistry, Sweden), supervised by Joseph Pegna and Mats Boman
Topics involved: laser processing, gas-phase deposition processes, optics, chemical reaction kinetics, materials characterization, graphite, amorphous carbon

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics – September 1997 to April 2002 École Polytechnique de Montréal
Focus: materials science

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Frédéric Larouche

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Academic formation

Frédéric LaroucheI obtained my bachelor degree in physical engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal during the automn 2001. After doing my final study projects and two training courses with professor B.L. Stansfield. I then begun PhD studies in winter 2002 on the carbon nanotubes production at INRS-EMT (Energy, Materials and Telecommunication), still under the direction of the professor Barry L. Stansfield. The subject of my research project is the study of the recuperation of the Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube (C-SWNT) synthetised with the process developed at INRS-EMT, based on plasma torch. I had also worked on the development of a new growth mechanism for C-SWNT: the BMI model.

Fields of interest

Scientifically, I am well interested in carbon nanotube synthesis and growth mechanism, surface physic and also in self-organization phenomena that take place in physical system far from equilibrium. I am really curious to see the evolution of applications using the outstanding properties of carbon nanotubes. At last, I have a passion for Man, world history and contemporary music.


You can contact me by email: