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Nanopatterning with dendrimers

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The following section is a short introduction to my most recent research (2007 to 2009) at the University of Geneva in the laboratory for colloids and surface chemistry.

G10 PAMAM dendrimer on silicaThe adsorption of macromolecules at the solid-liquid interface is a very common yet complicated phenomenon. One has simply to think of what happens when a drop of blood falls on a surface. Blood is a complex colloidal system. The fluid contains several macromolecules (proteins, biopolymers) as well as ions (Fe, K, Cl, Na etc.) and other cells all interacting with each other and with the surface. Preventing or promoting the adsorption of blood (or its specific constituents) to a surface may be critical in some biomedical applications. This example illustrates how macromolecular adsorption is ubiquitous, yet can be of great importance for both industry and fundamental science.

In terms of nano-technological applications, charged macromolecules from solutions can be used to pattern mineral surfaces. Typically, an interface will acquire a charge when immersed in a solution, water in this case. Similarly, the macromolecule’s ionizable functional groups can take or release protons, thus have a pH-dependent charge. When the charges of both molecule and surface have opposite signs and are of sufficient magnitude, adsorption via electrostatic interactions occurs.
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