Patrice Guay

Academical background

Patrice Guay - autumn 2011I obtained a degree in physics engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal in May 2001. I immediately started my master’s degree at INRS Energy and Materials. My research subject was the numerical simulation of hydrogen adsorption in carbon nanostructures. I finished my research on this subject in March 2003. After completing my studies, I chose to reorient my career toward IT systems engineering. Computing has been a passion for me since the age of 13. My interest for this field grew when I discovered the Linux operating system ten years ago. Rather than being forced to spend money for testing new network configurations and server software, I was free to do it with Linux, a minimal hardware setup and a lot of hours reading available documentation. I definitely appreciate the community spirit of the OpenSource movement. Sharing experience and knowledge has lead to great innovations for the whole IT industry.


I specialize in project management involving the integration of computer hardware and software under the Linux and Microsoft Windows operating system. I am the administrator of the website since 9 years. I earned some valuable knowledge about server management from this experience.

My personal contribution to the Linux movement is through the CentOS LiveCD project. The LiveCD is a portable and customizable instance of a Linux server.

For additional information about me, I invite you to visit my personal website:

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