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Academic formation

Frédéric LaroucheI obtained my bachelor degree in physical engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal during the automn 2001. After doing my final study projects and two training courses with professor B.L. Stansfield. I then begun PhD studies in winter 2002 on the carbon nanotubes production at INRS-EMT (Energy, Materials and Telecommunication), still under the direction of the professor Barry L. Stansfield. The subject of my research project is the study of the recuperation of the Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube (C-SWNT) synthetised with the process developed at INRS-EMT, based on plasma torch. I had also worked on the development of a new growth mechanism for C-SWNT: the BMI model.

Fields of interest

Scientifically, I am well interested in carbon nanotube synthesis and growth mechanism, surface physic and also in self-organization phenomena that take place in physical system far from equilibrium. I am really curious to see the evolution of applications using the outstanding properties of carbon nanotubes. At last, I have a passion for Man, world history and contemporary music.


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