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Nanotube production

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What are carbon nanotubes?

Structure of carbon nanotubes

Figure 1: Geometric structure of nanotubes

The discovery of carbon nanotubes in 1991, by the japanese researcher Sumio Iijima, during the study of fullerenes (C60) synthesis reveals a new cristalline form of carbon. These cylindric structures of carbon consist of a graphitic plane rolled into a tube having a nanometric diameter (10-9 meter = 1 nanometer) and can be divided in two groups: single wall carbon nanotubes (C-SWNT) and multi-walls carbon nanotubes (C-MWNT).

Figure 2: Schematic of C-SWNT and C-MWNT

Figure 2: Schematic of C-SWNT and C-MWNT

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