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“Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene” Symposium

EUROMAT2011A Symposium “Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene” will be organized at EUROMAT2011 in Montpellier (France), 12-15 September 2011. The symposium will especially focus on progress and hot topics related to large scale production/processing, applications and industrial issues. This specifically includes:

  • Synthesis and selection methods
  • Electronic, optical and mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes, graphene and related devices
  • Functionnalization, dispersion, processing
  • Metrology and standardization
  • Composites and materials science
  • Other applications and industrial issues

Conference Graphene Brazil 2010

The conference “Graphene Brazil 2010” will take place December 14-17 2010 in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The aim of this conference is to bring leading scientists in the area of graphene science together to evaluate past and define future trends of this exciting field. The conference will address progress at the frontiers of fundamental as well as applied research and will allow participants to exchange ideas and results of their latest work in an informal atmosphere.

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Graphene School 2010

corsicaeThe recent emergence of graphene has generated a world-wide – and highly competitive – scientific enthusiasm, due to the extraordinary properties which are expected from graphene-based nano-objects and their derivatives. Its structural and chemical simplicity makes graphene a very convenient systems for fundamental research and for the development of nano-scale sciences. On the other hand, the numerous variations of the graphene based nano-objects allow a unique variability of properties (transport, mechanical, optical, chemical…) and an unusually high number of potential applications, spanning energy, nanoelectronics, or chemical industry. Graphene is also ideal for chemists who can modify its properties by functionalisation, grafting, adsorption and doping. Investigating graphene clearly requires the involvement of scientists in areas related to physics, chemistry, and materials sciences.

This growing interest, triggered by the numerous potential applications of graphene in future nanotechnology, motivates the creation of an interdisciplinary school on graphene. The school is aimed at PhD students, post-doctoral and young researchers in the first instance. The School is taking place in Cargèse, France from October 12 to October 22, 2010 at the Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse.

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NT10 international conference


Conference Scope

Carbon nanotubes have many fascinating properties, owing to their quasi one-dimensional structure. This creates a wide range of issues for fundamental research, as well as a wealth of opportunities for technological application. Progress in the field over the past few years has been remarkable, and applications for this unique material are starting to make the move from the laboratory into the mainstream. In the tradition of the NT conference series, this meeting will bring leading researchers in the area of nanotube science and technology together to evaluate the current state of the art and to identify current trends. The conference will encompass the frontiers of fundamental science as well as applied research, and will enable and encourage participants to exchange their latest ideas and results.

Topics receiving special attention include:

  • Mechanical properties of nanotubes and nanotube-based composites
  • Electronic properties of nanotubes and nanotube-based electronic devices
  • Optical characterization and optical properties
  • Progress in synthesis
  • Purification and sorting of nanotubes
  • Chemical processing and modification of nanotubes
  • Applications for nanotubes

From June 27 to July 2, 2010 in Montreal (Canada)
Official website: NT10
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