New prospects for solar cells

new solar cellsThe most efficient solar cells, composed of a semiconductor material such as silicon, have been developed in Switzerland in the early 90s. As in the case of conventional electrochemical batteries, solar cells consist of a cathode, a platinum-based catalyst, and an anode, a porous layer formed from titanium dioxide nanoparticles and coated with a dye absorbs sunlight. A conductive liquid, the electrolyte is placed between two electrodes.

Despite the use of materials for the most inexpensive, easy to manufacture and flexible, large-scale commercialization of these batteries confronts two major obstacles. The electrolyte is very corrosive, causing a deficiency in sustainability. It is also very colorful, preventing light from entering and effectively limiting the photo-voltage of 0.7 volts. Moreover, platinum is an expensive material, non-transparent and rare.

Benoit Marsan and his team have been working for years to develop an electrochemical solar cell. With the help of Professor Livain Breau, also from the Department of Chemistry at University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), researchers have developed an electrolyte consisting of new molecules, whose concentration could be increased. The gel formed is transparent, non-corrosive and can increase the photo-voltage. Therefore, the battery is more stable and better performance. The platinum cathode has also been replaced with cobalt sulfide. This material is much less expensive than platinum. It is also more efficient, more stable and easier to produce in the laboratory.

The work conducted by Professor Benoit Marsan has solved two problems that hindered growth of the solar cell industry for 20 years: increasing the efficiency of solar cells while reducing their fabrication cost. The scientific community was excited about this work published in the Journal of American Chemical Society. Several researchers contend that the work of Professor Marsan represents a breakthrough towards the production of efficient and affordable solar cells.

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